ask mr. kittyhawk
There are many kittyhawks here, since there is now another askmrkittyhawk. D:

wait i have more relatives here

yea!!!!!! i hope they like me :P

(((oocn: seriously i’m not sure how many there are so far i only know of 2 ask mr. kittyhawk(including mine) and one ask mrs.kittyhawk)))

Don't you find it odd that people are asking a stuffed animal questions? From this, can I conclude that I am insane?

what does insane mean? is it a new flavor of tea?

would you kill a photoshop if you had the chance to??

no, i would never hurt photoshop?

it’s more fun to ride him :D

There is a "Mrs. Kittyhawk" claiming some affiliation with you. What do you have to say? Is she in anyway related or married to you?

considering that i have no memory of getting married…………..

then she must be a relative then 8D other wise she wouldn’t be a kittyhawk


cancer lied to me it told me that he wanted to enjoy a cup of tea with me and pilot but then he not only come in late but then he also steals pilot from me D8

STUFFED LIFE-FORM. If SUBJECT 7 (Zee CAPTAIN) can make you adorable, can he also turn me into a HUMAN? ((But really. Could he?))

that is a question only zee captain can answer

and zee captian awesomeness allows great things to happen

Mr Kittyhawk, why do you know nothing of life? Dissection means they will CUT YOU INTO PIECES. Don't let them trap you, Mr. Kittyhawk.

Really that doesn’t sound fun at all

*runs away from the doctor guy*

Can i dissect you? you know, for scientific purposes. :P


what’s dissect mean and what’s a scientific purposes?

are they some form of candy? i like candy yummmmmmy:P

What color of a cat are you?


what’s a cat?

what would you do for a klondike bar?


what’s a klondike bar?